Torrent7 Composite Complete Stick

  • $227.77

Just released! The latest addition to the Durovulc line from T7NA, the Torrent7 outcompetes all other high-performance heads on the market.  A marvel of engineering, the Torrent7 was produced in our lab to prioritize 3 essential elements of success in the game of lacrosse:

  • Quicker and more fluid release on shots & passes
  • Reduced friction on ground balls
  • Facilitated catching from all angles

Designed and finished with our proprietary premium materials, the strength and fluid catch-and-release feel, will not disappoint. Plus the Torrent7 totes a price tag that is in keeping with our core value of providing quality lacrosse equipment at a value to all levels of players. The Torrent7 is the first must-have of 2022.  Ideal players ranging from Attack to LSM.

Shape: Visually appealing shape players prefer with a wide scoop and narrow neck providing desired feel and control. Head shape provides a unique combination enabling players to easily catch the ball while allowing for a quick, hitchless release on passes and shots.

Avalanche7 is the lightest (155g) carbon composite shaft offered, enhancing quickness and responsiveness for all offensive players.  Clean & simple design featuring a white shaft and a unique ice green accent color highlighted on the butt-end.

Building on the Gorilla7 legacy, T7NA has developed the all-new (175g) Gorilla7 carbon composite shaft intended for play all over the field. Offering strength and durability for both offensive and defensive middies or attackmen that prefer a slightly heavier shaft to perform against all competitors.