• $49.99
Head Color

The Sting7 is an elite attack/middie head whose unique features make it the best head in the game for multiple circumstances.
Competitive Advantages include:

  • Short pocket for better hold, faster shooting and passing - the short pocket lessens travel time, and reduces ball exposure
  • The long scoop allows for greater angles of ground ball attack
  • The Turfrails enhanced turf interaction ensure a smooth approach at extreme angles of ground ball attack
  • The PowerGrip allows for more control, and more power in plunge/rake moves on the face-off X "

"The Sting7 is expected to be a top face-off head in 2021.Why? Because the head has an Undeniable Advantage.”

Notes from Sting7 Pro Reviewer:
“The Sting7's notch gives the head a leverage point against the opposing head... an undeniable advantage, as it allows you to thrust your sidewall underneath the opponent's sidewall without your scoop getting in the way. And the shape of the upper third of the head is perfect for speed rakes.”

Division One Coach:
“Our Faceoff Man loved it...a game changer for us.”

Here's a reviewer’s Top 5 Reasons he loves the Sting7:

  1. ‘it's got a high pinch right where the ref puts the ball now. It grabs the ball, just grips it, and off I go ...’
  2. ‘the Flex Points are perfect for the new rules...’;
  3. ‘the bottom third (33%) of the head is Superstiff…’
  4. ‘I can out-grind anybody…’
  5. ‘the shape of the upper third of the head is perfect for speed rakes, which is my new thing thanks to this head’"