• $59.99
Head Color
Carolina Blue
Dark Carbon

The NCAA proven Sceptre7 is for Ruling the Field at the highest level. For Wing Middies, Long Poles, X-Men, and even Defenders, the Sceptre7 will raise your game,
Competitive Advantages:

  • The Sceptre7 is the big brother of the NCAA Champ Ghost7, a stiffer model, to rule the entire field
  • Ideal for face-offs, grind outs, checks, shots, ground balls. The Sceptre7 is for those who love to rule the field
  • Material- The Sceptre7 is made of our DuroVulc polymer blend, an advanced material that rewrites the strength to weight ratio in lacrosse heads.

“The Sceptre7 is the best head you can buy if you’re a long stick middie.” Greg Gurenlian, MLL MVP

NCAA proven at the highest levels

Super-light, yet stiff. 3.95 ounces, using T7NA’s own Durovulc.

The Sceptre7 is the everything advertised, stiff, light, smooth, and nasty!. Best one yet.” Scot H