Ghost7 Beta - In DUROVULC

  • $74.99

The Ghost7 is an NCAA proven elite head, best in class for face-offs and, one of the lightest heads in the game and now stiffer with DUROVULC polymer! This unique head allows a face-off specialist to not only use the best head for today’s rules, but also creates consistency across their arsenal of sticks needed throughout the course of a season at an incredibly affordable price!

The Ghost7 Beta retains all the qualities that made it #1 face-off head, upgraded with our new DUROVULC polymer, which adds ground balls and high speed shots to it’s functionality. It can be used by pro’s looking for any of its multiple competitive advantages. The new stiffness adds to it’s Face-off function in several ways, from clean pinch to grinding to ground ball domination if desired.

DUROVULC - the Ghost7 Beta is made from T7NA’s brand new specialized polymer, a custom blend that leaps ahead of the traditional strength-to-weight and stiffness retention metrics, offering a new level of durability and consistency that optimize functionality. AKA optimized performance.

Weight - The Ghost7 Beta head remains less than 95 grams. Compared to a low of 128 grams sold by competitors. (35% heavier) T7NA’s new SpiderMesh7 and a Ti-Scan shaft make it the lightest complete stick. The low weight enhances multiple functionalities, including feel and hold, as well as enhanced acceleration/speed of motion, including an inertia upgrade that improves cradling, passing, dodging, ground balls and shooting.

Strength - high mechanical strength, excellent balance of stiffness and toughness. Snaps back into shape immediately, DUROVULC's material memory allows for head to retain original shape no matter how bent up it gets during play.

Stiffness - incredible advance in Nylon polymer blend makes new Ghost7 Beta more defined than the original, sharper edges, and…. yes, bigger stringing holes. High mechanical strength, excellent balance of stiffness, toughness and durability.