• $74.99
Head Color
Dark Carbon

The NCAA proven Fort7 Goalie Head is the most advanced in lacrosse, with multiple competitive advantages that make it a must have for those who love to stop the round rubber rock.

"Competitive advantages: The Fort7 has the most ball grabbing surface area of any goalie head in lacrosse. 12.5% more space than the next biggest head. It's the same as adding an 8 inch plate of mesh to any other head. As in must have it, for more saves.

The Fort7 has winglets on the scoop, to carputer and direct more shots. And Fort7 also has teeth on the inside of the scoop, to securely clamp down on more ground balls, making the crease your own personal fort. "

The Fort7 is both super light and super stiff at the same time. A kind of holy grail, making the goalies hands even faster to make more saves.

  • #1 Goalie Head in Lacrosse for surface area. 12.5% more ball stopping space, as in must have one
  • Winglets for more saves and ball direction
  • Teeth for more ground ball power