Beast7 Pro - In DUROVULC

  • $77.99

The Beast7 Pro is an elite level attack/middie head, maximized for offense, for maximum glory.

DUROVULC - The Beast7 Pro is made of our DuroVulc polymer blend, an advanced material that rewrites the strength to weight ratio in lacrosse heads. The Beast7 Pro is both super light and super stiff at the same time. The beauty of light and the strength of the beast, the perfect combo.

WAVELOCK RAIL TECHNOLOGY - An innovation in sidewall string hole geometry that gives a player several competitive advantages, including a narrower, more balanced, pocket channel. And better hold. High and low in the pocket better. The hole geometry is designed to let pocket stringers take their craft to the next level.

TURFLOAT RAIL TECHNOLOGY - The rails reduce turf drag, allowing for more aggressive ground ball attacks via improved turf interaction. Even if you miss a bit, hitting the ground behind the ball, the rails actually help the scoop maintain its speed, and stability, through the effort, allowing for greater angles of attack as well. In smooth, and rough turf.

TF Rail Tech works by reducing the scoops contact area, which reduces friction, guiding the scoop through the turf for smoother, faster ground balls. TF Rail Tech allows the head to plow through said turf, whether it be freshly cut Astroturf, or clumpy town field grass. The result is more consistent scoop to ball contact, and increased confidence. The rails serve to resist digging from aggressive and steeper attack angles, resulting in a more ground balls per game.