The Story Behind the T7NA Re-Brand


T7NA LACROSSE™ originated because equipment was getting too expensive so T7NA took it upon themselves to create equipment that would allow more kids to get involved in the sport we all love. Thus T7NA was born producing affordable lacrosse equipment for players of all ages and abilities.


The T7NA team has recently expanded adding team members that are passionate about lacrosse and fulfilling the original brand philosophy of providing quality lacrosse equipment at a value so more people can get involved. As they grew the team decided to move the headquarters from New York City, where it originated, out to San Diego, California.


Changing from the East coast to the West coast, has brought a new energy and focus that’s been placed behind the brand. With roots on the East coast and a new energy coming from the West coast, T7NA is prepared to bring the game to everyone from the East to the West and every player in between. The group has begun working hard to update and improve the iconic products T7NA has offered over the years including: 2 new mesh options (Spider7 & Hybrid7) that improve control and release. 4 new shafts – including updated Ti-Scan (Elite7) and composite shafts (Gorilla7) featuring a Kevlar wrap. Both with an all-new profile that players will absolutely love. And don’t forget the new Cadet7 composite shaft that is extremely lightweight but incredibly durable to provide younger players a high-quality product built for their game.


New “Pro” head-shapes featuring Durovulc technology are now available in the Fort7 goalie head and the iconic Ghost7. The Fort7 Pro is more rigid while still maintaining its significant advantage on weight allowing goalies to keep their hands fast to make more saves. The Ghost7 Beta is incredibly versatile and perfect for today’s face-off rules rewarding quick hands and for attackman to get shots off quick. New head-shapes are on the way as the team is in production for an all-new design that’s set to launch this Spring. Incorporating some of the elements that have made T7NA heads so popular, it uses the newest technologies to ensure the strength and durability of all Tribe7 products.


T7NA is creating a lacrosse brand that competes with and beats the biggest brands in the industry but not at the expense of the player. T7NA will continue to focus on developing the newest products, using the best technologies that provide the best equipment while providing an incredible value for all players.


Lacrosse is a small, tightknit community and we believe more players should get the chance to experience the friendships and comradery that are developed during long practices, close games and exhilarating wins!


Join the Tribe.