Torrent7 - In DUROVULC

  • $97.77

Just released! The latest addition to the Durovulc line from T7NA, the Torrent7 outcompetes all other high-performance heads on the market.  A marvel of engineering, the Torrent7 was produced in our lab to prioritize 3 essential elements of success in the game of lacrosse:

  • Quicker and more fluid release on shots & passes
  • Reduced friction on ground balls
  • Facilitated catching from all angles

Designed and finished with our proprietary premium materials, the strength and fluid catch-and-release feel, will not disappoint. Plus the Torrent7 totes a price tag that is in keeping with our core value of providing quality lacrosse equipment at a value to all levels of players. The Torrent7 is the first must-have of 2022.  Ideal players ranging from Attack to LSM.


Shape: Visually appealing shape players prefer with a wide scoop and narrow neck providing desired feel and control. Head shape provides a unique combination enabling players to easily catch the ball while allowing for a quick, hitchless release on passes and shots.


A7 SIDEWALLS: Refined engineering created unique A7 sidewall shaping from throat to the scoop. Allowing for materials to be removed strategically to keep weight low, while not compromising strength and durability. Infinite stringing options with an abundance of stringing holes across bottom rail to create any pocket desired. (mid/Low/high)


DUROVULC STRENGTH: Torrent7 includes the T7NA exclusive DuroVulc material – an advanced polymer blend that rewrites the strength to weight ratio in lacrosse heads. The Torrent7 is both incredibly light with ideal stiffness allowing the head to hold its shape providing consistent and reliable play at all levels of the game.


TURFLOAT TECHNOLOGY - The rails featured on the scoop reduce turf drag, allowing for more aggressive ground balls with improved turf interaction. Hitting the ground behind the ball, the rails help guide the scoop maintaining speed, and stability, through the effort, allowing for greater angles of attack in all turf conditions.


¾” Offset matched specifically to the headshape to maximize performance.


Weight: 136g


Meets all Men’s NFHS & NCAA Rule Specifications