Scythe7 Richter9 Pro 60" Stick

  • $257.77

The NCAA proven Scythe7 defender’s head is the nastiest in lacrosse, it’s multiple competitive advantages making it the ‘ultimate D-pole.

Competitive advantages:

Size-the Scythe7 is a big, wide head, for dominating all things within the restraining line

Strength - it’s permanent. Retailers hate it, as it never breaks. Never. In fact, the Scythe7 is warrantied for life.

Ground balls - it’s time to get vertical. The problem with long poles, is that they are so exposed during ground ball battles. Not so with the Scythe7, which can gather up ground balls vertically.

Richter9, the first 60” defensive carbon composite shafts from T7NA, created to outperform the leaders in the industry.  T7NA has developed the all-new (400g) Richter9 carbon composite shaft to withstand all the punishment a defensive player can dish out. Offering a perfect balance between strength, weight and durability to throw any check.

Incredible strength and durability developed using aero-grade carbon fiber providing more power and consistency in all facets of the game. Clean & simple design featuring a white shaft and a unique scarlet accent color highlighted on the butt-end.

  • Carbon Composite Shaft
  • 60” Length
  • 400g
  • Mid-Flex